The Amazonas Rain Pack

Welcome to the Amazonas Rain Pack! This semi realistic wolf pack is located deep in the rain forest in Amazonas Brazil!
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 Pack Status

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PostSubject: Pack Status   Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:51 pm

-General Status-
PACK NAME- The Amazonas Rain Pack
DATE CREATED- Tuesday March 5, 2013

-The Members-

-Other Info-
PACK LOCATION- Brazil, Amazonas in South America

-The Ranks-
ALPHA- First in command, these wolves give out orders and instructions, this rank is highly respected and makes all of the decisions of the pack, they also have the honor to promote wolves in a higher rank, clame a apprentice as a full member of the pack, and pronounce a wolf pair as official mates
BETA- Second in command, these wolves are also highly respected and have alphas trust at 100% They take over when the alpha is away and if something ever happens to the alpha then one of the betas will take over, they also order out hunting parties ad patrols
MEDIC- Wolves with this rank know everything there is to know about herbs, they heal the pack and tend to the wounded and sick, they have 100% trust when it comes to herbs and treating others
HUNTER- These wolves provide the food for the pack, making sure the elders and pups are fed first and that the pack has something to eat, they usually know all ofthe best places to find a meal and how to track a herd of prey down
FISHER- These wolves gather food as well, they only do it in the rivers and marshes that cross the territory. These wolves have to catch the fish in the Amazonas rivers, though they have to be wary as fish are not the only thing in the deep brown waters of Brazil...
SWIMMER- These wolves are the ones that are called for when someone is attacked in the water, need to divert crocodiles and hippos, and they are also the ones that come when a pup has fallen t the water. These wolves almost always are reqiured to go with fishers when they go off to work, mainly because they need to be able to help if something goes wrong...
WARRIOR- These are the fighters of the pack, they have every right to be aggressive, defensive, protective, and territorial. This behavior is actually encoarged with them as there job is to keep the loners and other dangers away at all costs
SCOUT- They explore both the pack territory and non-pack territory. They are to watch out for loners crossing borders, and danger on the territory or near, and they also look for new territory for the pack. They are the ones that help expand the Amazonas Rain packs landscape
ELDER- The older ones of the pack, these wolves are 8 years or older. They have no job except to tell stories to the young ones and they often have good relationships with the medics who heal their stiff joints, the pups who listento their stories, and the apprentices who care for them. When a wolf turns 8 years old, they have a choice whether or whether not to become an elder right away
APPRENTICE- These wolves are older than a pup but not quite an adult, they range from 1-2 years old. Their job is to train for the rank they wish to have when they are older ad they also help out around the pack, like tending to the elders, hunting, scouting, and some fighting too
PUP- Ranging from birth to 1 year old, these are the youngest ones of the pack, having no job but to listen to the elders stories and they also have to think about which rank they wish to be when they are older. They are not allowed to leave the den site unless an imergency and they are heavily guarded by the pack
OMEGA- These wolves are distrusted by the pack and help the apprentices with their chores, they do all of the other work that is needed to be done around the pack, you are given this rank if you have lied to the pack, have done something horrible to the pack, or if you have been an aggressive loner and you finally decide to join the pack
LONER- These wolves are not a part of the pack and do not plan to be, at least for the moment anyways. These wolves can either be kind or aggressive to the pack and the pack will be kind or aggressive back, depending on how you act. These wolveas are not members but they are always welcome to become a full member
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Pack Status
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