The Amazonas Rain Pack

Welcome to the Amazonas Rain Pack! This semi realistic wolf pack is located deep in the rain forest in Amazonas Brazil!
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 ◄ Zuli the Alpha ►

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PostSubject: ◄ Zuli the Alpha ►   Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:49 am


◄ Welcome To Zuli's Bio ►


NAME≋ Zuli
GENDER≋ Female
AGE≋ Three years
BIRTHDAY≋ February 8, 2010
BIRTH PLACE≋ Tanzania Africa
SPECIES≋ European wolf


FUR TEXTURE≋ Somewhat wavy and fluffy
FUR COLOR≋ Blends of cream, blonde, tan, and silvers are sorreled into her fur
EYE COLOR≋ Bright gold
BUILD≋ She has a medium build with long legs, small wide ears, a slender frame, and muscles
SCARS≋ She has one scar on her hind leg/flank area and a small scratch on her muzzle


PERSONALITY≋ Zuli is rather bold, willing to take risks for her pack and willing to take on any challenge, during a fight she will not falter and she will not hold back. She never leaves a wolf behind unless they deserve it, and she will not let any wolf suffer in pain even if it is a wolf she hates. She is extremly stubborn and rebelious, not wishing to listen to others orders which would make her a good pack member, but makes her a better leader, it is also hard to change her mind, she takes a long time to make a decision but once she has chosen one, she very rarely changes her mind. Other than that she is open minded, willing to listen to anyone who wishes her to. She considers all ideas of others and she is rather intelligent, knowing a decent amount of herbs in the area and knowing ways how to get out of situations, she is a quick thinker and quick in general as well, she is swift on he paws and has much stamina so she can run for hours without a sweat. She isnt the most out going wolf, though she is social, enjoying to talk to others as long as they do not show aggressive or suspicious behavior. Sometimes she likes to keep to herself thoug she alwayas wishes to interact with other members. Overall she is a calm and patient wolf, willing to listen to others though somewhat stubborn. She is raher friendly and doesnt have a strong tempor but once you anger her and get on her bad side, it is extremly hard to get back onto her good side
LIKES≋ Pups, running, swimming, howling, and rain
DISLIKES≋ Loners, rabid wolves, humans, and extreme heat
TALENTS≋ She is both a great runner and swimmer, she is decently strong with plenty of stamina and a sharp eye sight
HABBITS≋ Climbing up things to get a better view of the world around her and flicking her ear violently when angered
FEARS≋ Rabid wolves, humans, and a flood wrecking the territory


HISTORY≋ Zuli's dad was a European wolf that was born in Europe, though one day when he was 2 years old he had been captured by humans and shipped onto a reserve in Tanzania Africa. He had wondered along until one day he finally met Zuli's mother, Kira. They quickly fell in love, both being dispersal wolves, they wanted to start a pack of there own and have pups. So one day when Kira fell pregnant, they were jovial. They had 4 pups in total, 1 son and 3 daughters, including Zuli. Their pack was small, but it was a start and it only grew from there. By the time Zuli could come outside of the den to see the outside world, 3 loners had already joined the pack. And by the time she was 3 months old, another 4 wolves joined the pack. Zuli was always the bravest and most curious of her siblings and she made great friends with the other pack members with her optimistic and positive additude. She was always trotting afte them and asking random questions about life outside the pack grounds. Her siblings were quite content staying near the packs den and Zuli was happy as well, though she wanted to explore the world that she hasnt seen. She wanted to go out into the forest and the stretching plains to see what she may find there. However she and her siblings were not allowed to leave the den site, the farthest they could explore was to a shallow pond that was near the den, and ven then they were closely watched. Her parents and pack members were always protective of them, them being the only pups and "dangers to be seen at every turn" as they said. Her siblings seemed to believe there true words and they were happily staying at the den, though those often spoken words by her pack members made her even more curious and wishing togo out to see the dangers. Finally her wishes came true when she turned 1 year old. She was able to go off and explore, as long as she stayed in the packs territory. So that is what she did...most of the time. Sometimes she would sneak across the borders to see the non-pack territory which interested her. However one day, when she was 2.3 months old, she explored to far. She found herself lost in territory she had never seen before ad she was just going to simply follow her scent back to the territory like she usually did, however it started to rain when she turned to go back to her home. So instead of listening to her parents, she went off to find the territory instead of waiting in the spot like her parents often told her too. However as she started walking, she relaized she was going in the wrong turn as she ended up on the edge of a road. Suddenly a vehicle whizzed past her but halted as the people inside spotted her. They were 2 men and 1 woman, they were elephant hunters who took down elephants so they could take their ivory tusks for ivory, however their illegal hobby had gone bad that day when a large bull elaphant charged them and they took off. So when they saw young Zuli, they figured they could catch her and sell her to Chile South America, where a rich wolf researcher lived and he just so happened was looking for a young European wolf. So the people got out and quickly chucked a tight net over Zuli when her curiosity got the worst of her and wouldnt let her leave the spot. However her parents and pack members had been searching for her, her mother and brother had just been passing the area when they caught her scent and realized what was happening. They charged into the area to see Zuli struggling in the net as the humans tried to deal with her. The people saw them and tossed a net over Koa as well, figuring the wolf researcher would pay more for two young European wolves, before they shot Kira down right in front of Zuli and Koa. She and Koa were both petrified, frozen as the people slipped muzzles over them and shot them with a tranquelizer. They were kept in wooden dog crates for months as the people conversed with the rick man in South America as they debated on the price and how they would get Zuli and Koa to the rich man. Finally, when they were 2.6 years old, they were placed on an airplane in dog kennels and they were headed to Chile Brazil. It only took a while for them to near land, but suddenly as they neared the country of Brazil in South America, a goose was hit in the airplanes turbines. The plane started to propell to the ground and things went flyng everywhere, suddenly a hair brush had flew out of someones hand and knocked a switch on, the back of the plane where Koa and Zuli were held opened up as they neared the ocean of Brazil. There cages flew out and crashed into the water, Zuli's cage flushd against the water at just the right angle and the impact of water snapped the dog cages door open. She managed to get out in time before drowning and the plane crashed in front of her, she had been pushed forward, closeer to Brazil and the people were shouting, luckily a ship was passing by and went to save the survivors, however Koa's cage hadnt been open. e was sinking to the bottom of the ocean and Zuli went under to try to find him, but moments later she had to come back, knowing the worst has happened, now both her mother and Koa are dead, and she knew she was extremly far away from home. She had forced her self to find some silver lining and she struggled to do so, though in the end she had the lame lining that she was still alive and most of her family was alive as well. As the ship dropped escapee row boats into the water, she managed to scrabble abord one, No human got in with her, seeing she was a wolf they stayed away as she floated ashore onto Brazil. Once she crashed ashore in her boat a day later with no food or fresh water, she immediatly set off to find away to survive. She was determined to live and she tried adapting to this extremly differant environment than Tanzania. She traveled for a while, learning about this tropical [place, one day she ended up in Amazonas Brazil and she spotted a cave, she decided to take a break from traveling and settle down, wondering if she could now make a pack of her own...


DAD≋ Manok
MOM≋ Kira

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◄ Zuli the Alpha ►
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