The Amazonas Rain Pack

Welcome to the Amazonas Rain Pack! This semi realistic wolf pack is located deep in the rain forest in Amazonas Brazil!
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 Predators of the Amazonas

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PostSubject: Predators of the Amazonas   Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:59 pm


With scaley armor skin, the alligator is a rather tough species that is commonly found on the banks of rivers sun bathing or deep in the water. They have razor sharp teeth and strong jaws so they can be extremly dangerous and will charge you, so you better watch out because they are often unseen in the murky water....


Reaching 28 feet long and 44 inches wide, this snake really is the largest breed in the world. Its scales vary in greens, browns, and sometimes blacks, they also normally have a pattern of spots dotting their scales. They are most comonly found in marshy areas, the rivers, tall grassy areas, and at the edge of the forests


Rarer an bigger than most tigers, this tiger is not seen as often as other animals which is a good thing. With its strong muscled body and blending orange and black pelt, this large cat is quite pretty and can be found stalking through the rainforest


Basically being a crocodile on steroids, this amphibian is twice the size of the largest crocodile and can easily eat a man whole. It has spotched cream and black scales with huge teeth and rather quick reflexes. Not only can it swiftly glide through the water, but it is also a decently quick runner, they can always be found throughout the river banks and deep in the water


Traveling the rivers across the territory all the while transmitting strong electric shocks from its body, this fish type thing dangerous at well, even deadly to a pup or if it wraps itself around you


Teeth the size of a hand, being able to go under water for a countless amount of time, extremly territorial and protective, armor like skin, and traveling in large can basically consider this mammal indestructable, this is a breed you most deffinatly do not want to mess with


With golden fur and dark black spots, this big cat is easily recognizeable, being a little more protective and aggressive than tigers and panthers. If you even step close to it it may lash out, it stalks throughout the rain forest


Yup, this bug can be deadly, caring around fatal diseases and spreading them to any living thing, including wolves. The disease is common and can easily kill off a wolf, during the spring time when mosquitos are born, many wolves fall ill and medics are in constant need of herbs and time to save their patients


Pure black fur and silent foot steps, this big cat can sneak up easily, your only way of klnowing your there is your nose. These cats usually leave the pack alone, though if you get to close they will strike with razor sharp claws and exposed teeth, it can be found deep in the rain forest or near rocky areas


Rather small and defensless looking, these fish are killers. They swarm in the rivers in huge schools of other piranhas and they have sharp needle teeth, not only that but they have a taste of blood. They canneasily kill, ganging up on prey which could be any animal, if you fall in near a school of pirahnas, you will soon be fealing sharp painfully bits all over your body as they tear you apart one bite at a time


Reaching lengths of over 30 feet at times, the python is the worlds longest snake with a cream body and spotted dark brown scales. These snakes have been known to wrestle with jaguars, panthers, alligators, and many other smaller animals that they feed on. They can be extremly dangerous, being hidden for the most of the time in the rivers, tall grasses, or in trees branches or at the base of there roots


Being smaller than a bird, blinder than a mole, and aggressive as a crocodile, these tiny creatures are often underestimated. They are often not a problem to adult wolves, though if they latch onto a pup and are not immediatly taken off, this creature can kill. They are hard to find and see and they feed on blood which draws them to defensless pups that they can easily sink their small fangs into to feed, they stay around in the forest but can only be seen sleeping in crevices in the day time or flapping around at night
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Predators of the Amazonas
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